Dump Trailer

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From 0 to 10 days
80.000 BHD
From 11 to 30 days
60.000 BHD
Above 30 Days
52.000 BHD
Total Price
Terms & Conditions


Finalization of hire agreement shall be based on equipment availability at the time of requirement.

Supply of Equipment is inclusive of operator and fuel charges and is subjected to cost variations. The quoted hire charges are based on prevailing fuel charges. Any change in fuel charges shall be compensated.

Maintenance upon breakdown

Replacement upon breakdown shall be arranged based on availability (if more than 4 hours).

Ramsis Engineering reserves the right to amend the hire rate upon increase on any governmental incidental charge.

Extra charges will be added on the total price upon requesting any badges.


Equipment are to be supplied within Bahrain only.

Delivery of the equipment is from & to Ramsis Engineering yard.


Equipment mobilization is to be done with one week upon receipt of official purchase order. Cranes shall be mobilized with 2weeks prior notice period to deployment.

Hire period commences upon delivery of equipment from Ramsis yard and terminates upon equipment reaching Ramsis yard.

2 weeks advance notice to be provided for contract termination (applicable only after 6 months contract).

Any extra hours will be charged on pro-rata basis. Working less than 12 hours per day will be considered as full working day. No reduction is agreed in minimum time charges due to weather or site conditions.

Quoted price is calculated based on the hire duration. Prices’ rate is calculated based on the number of days.

Maintenance and Equipment Breakdown

Hire period will not be applicable for breakdown period.

Rental charges will be applicable regardless if the equipment is working or idle.

Any loss incurred to client due to equipment breakdown shall not be accepted.

Client to Arrange

Entry pass to Equipment, operator, maintenance personnel.

Work permit for maintenance activity at site(if required).

Special Testing, if any


During the rental period, the client shall as its own expense, provide and maintain All Risk Insurance for the Cargo & Full Scope of Works. The insurance policy must waive the right of recovery from Ramsis engineering fully and uncditionally.

Ramsis Engineering will not hold any responsibility for the damages to cargo during the lifting operations.

Payment Terms

Payment shall be made within 30 days from date of submission of invoice. (Default for all categories).