Presently, we are targeting at the following categories and the catalogue will keep increasing with each passing day. So, practically, everything that can be rented will be available on rent. Accommodation, Equipment, Machinery, Office Space, Open Land Storage, Tools, and Transporation

Simple. Search & Choose a product, enter preferred duration, add it to your cart and make a request

You will be asked to enter number of days required and to select reserving period, and item quantity. You will need to have an account in the system in order to complete the renting process.

"No. The current rental has to be cancelled and the product has to be rebooked. Appropriate cancellation charges will be applicable. if a renter cancels a booking which has remaining days of rental period as less than a month, then there is no refund. If the remaining days of rental period are more than a month then he will be charged for the days of usage and a month additionally, and the remainder amount will be given as coupon. "

Yes, but charges apply based on the timeline below :

  • 1. Renter can cancel a booking with no charge 1 week prior to the booking start date.
  • 2. Renter will be charged 25% of Rental Amount already paid, if booking is cancelled 4 days prior to start date.
  • 3. Renter will be charged 50% of Rental Amount already paid, if booking is cancelled 2 days prior to start date
  • 4. Renter will be charged 100% of Rental Amount already paid, if booking is cancelled anytime after point 3 and before 3pm on start date
  • Please report the issue to the Call Center as soon as the product runs into any problem. It is Ramsis Rental responsibility to get the product back to working condition. If it is an issue because of the negligence of the renter, then appropriate penalities are applied.

    There is no action taken and rental period/transaction would continue as it is, If product issue is fixed:

  • Within 12 hrs of time of reporting when rental period is less than 3 days.
  • Within 24 hrs of time of reporting if rental period is more than 3 days. If the down time of product extends more than the specified time in both cases, then renter can extend the booking for down time period if calendar dates are available or claim a coupon which is equal to the rental value of down time and can be used for future bookings"
  • No. The product has to be booked again

    For the mean time we only have one payment method, you can only pay by cash.